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As a guide for anyone embarking on the tattoo removal journey, Tattoo Cares deals with all aspects of the industry. From treatment and care, to myth busting and expert opinion, we help you understand what to expect from a trip to the treatment table.

Tattoo Removal: Why Go through With It?

As amazing as tattoo removal is, you still need a damn good reason to go through with it. With the cost, the time it takes, and the pain and troubles it can cause, there are many good reasons to just leave the tattoo where it is.  However, for...

How To Reduce The Pain of Your Tattoo Removal

How To Reduce The Pain of Your Tattoo Removal

A regular concern for anyone who is about to get a tattoo removed is how much pain the treatment will cause them. For example, some have bad memories of the pain associated with getting a tattoo, others assume that tattoo removal will be more...

How To Protect Your Skin After Tattoo Removal Treatment

How To Protect Your Skin After Tattoo Removal Treatment

Tattoo removal is a form of burning – very focused clinical style burning – but burning nonetheless. Consequently, after undertaking a round of laser treatment you will have a burn where the tattoo is/was.  Good after treatment is...

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Actually Work?

Laser tattoo removal is the safest and most efficient option for tattoo removal. Over the last decade, laser removal clinics have begun popping up in towns all over the country. There’s even one in Witchita for crying out loud! Source: If...

Most Cliched Tattoo

The 9 Most Cliched Tattoos in The World

Disclosure: We are sorry if your ink has somehow fallen into this list of cliched tattoos. You can comfort yourself in the knowledge that cliches become cliches for a reason…or you can go and get it removed. Now, let’s get on with the...

Tattoo Jobs

Do Tattoos Affect Your Chances in the Job Market?

As tattoos become increasingly popular, the public opinion around them is starting to change. Yet the question still remains, do tattoos affect your chances in the job market? A New Tolerant Attitude to Tattoos? Recent research suggests that a...

Tattoo Removal

5 Things You Should Know About Tattoo Removal

A complete guide on what to expect from the tattoo removal process. The fact that you can now get a tattoo removed at all is another feather in the cap for medical science. However, this cosmetic process is no walk in the park. Tattoo Cares has put...

tattoo choice

How to Make the Right Tattoo Choice

Learn how to make a tattoo choice you will never regret We all have that friend who made the wrong tattoo choice. Someone who drunkenly stumbled into a back street tattoo studio while they were on vacation and pointed at the first picture in the...

Top Tattoo Parlors in the US

Top 6 Tattoo Parlors in the US

Here is your guide to finding the perfect parlor for your next tattoo. Picking out the right parlor to get your next tattoo is an important decision. You want to feel comfortable and in good hands. You need an artist that specializes in that unique...

Peter Smith

Peter Smith is a professional writer who has been writing about the tattoo removal industry for the past five years. He also writes on vehicle safety, budget travel, and cultural issues. He lives with his family on the West Coast of America.

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